12 May, 2022

Are Online Slots Rigged?

We have been playing on numerous casinos for years and we’re here to tell you that licenses prevent cheating. Today we’ll dig a little deeper and reveal some tips and tricks about the slot world. Before we break it down, just know that DuxCasino is 100% legitimate, and do not hesitate to play a bunch of casino games with us with good odds. So let’s get started!

Brief History of Slots

Playing slots always has an element of risk. You can win or lose with every spin. They can be simple to play and you can spin many times with just the click of a button.

Many people ask if online slots are rigged, and we can say “No”. First of all, casinos can’t affect the result, the result comes from providers like NetEnt, Play’N Go, and so on.

Providers are always working on new slots to make them entertaining. There is a huge variety of slots with hundreds of different features, settings, backgrounds, and so on.

What is RNG

The RNG is a random number generator that is based off an algorithm, and it is not under the control of any individual. It randomly generates the outcome of the slot everytime.

What is RTP

The RTP is the amount of winnings returned to players over thousands and thousands of spins. The higher RTP, the more money spent is returned to the player on average. In reality the RTP cannot be used to expect the outcome of an individuals game. There are thousands of players playing and it is always based on an average of those players. Games have different bonus features which you can opt out of, and some players might not use these features. So the RTP is for every player on average, not individual gameplay.

Licensed Casinos

Some people sign up without reading the terms of use which is a significant risk because it’s essential you do. If you don’t want to be careful with your money, please make sure you check out the terms of use. It’s available for all online casinos and can often be found in the footer or an individual page.

Casino streamer Vitus mentioned once that “if something goes wrong, you should always be protected, so please pay attention”. Fortunately, most gambling sites keep up with the law and operate legally. It matters because if a casino tries to scam a player, the gambling authority will immediately revoke the license, and casino owners don’t want to risk losing this.

How to Make Sure You’re Playing Fair and Secure

Generating random results is necessary, and it’s under the control of gambling authorities. Check out the casino license first. It’s not a big challenge to protect yourself from problems because scam casinos do exist, especially after Covid when online gambling increased. Poker sites were no longer popular, and people came to slots.

Keep in mind that you need to keep your password away from others. So follow these simple rules: hide your password, check out the license number, and read the terms of use. A gambling licensing protects you a lot!

Join Now And Play Slots Online at DuxCasino

We have selected the best online slots for you. To play them, you can choose the demo or real version. Then you can immerse yourself in a world of virtual casinos. Along with it, you have access to other video games like Aviator and so on. DuxCasino organizes tournaments and competitions for their players also for maximum fun.

Additionally, we have a VIP program that counts every deposit and offers points to improve your stats and bonuses. It’s worth noting that our support team is here to answer your questions. We are ready to help you with any unexpected issues.

DuxCasino is one of the best online gambling sites. The initial idea was to create a colorful digital casino with loads of games, and we completed our mission!

We act according to fair play, and it’s a big part of our ideology. Basically, random results are guaranteed, and nobody can say that online slots are rigged, the RTP percentages are completely honest. We’re in the center of the storm of online gaming and bringing new ideas to the space.

So jump over and get the Welcome Bonus with Free Spins!

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