28 April, 2022

What are The Rules for Roulette?

Have you ever held $135,000 in your hands at once? Well, Ashley Revell got that opportunity when he sold all his possessions to go to Las Vegas and play roulette. The game's emergence was just as fortuitous as all the winnings that happened in it to this day.

It's called "the devil's game" not only because it's risky, but if you add all the numbers together, you get the mystical 666. Some sources say that the game was invented more than 1,000 years ago in China, other fans believe that it was invented by mathematician Blaise Pascal in the 18th century. And the third opinion is that roulette was invented by monks in the Middle Ages. The famous musical composition "The Man who broke the Bank at Monte Carlo" is dedicated to the gambler Charles de Will Willis, who in 1891 won more than $1,500,000 in three days at the casino in Monaco. Today the most popular number to bet on in roulette is the number 17, also known as the number of James Bond. As well as the numbers 5, 32, 0, 29, 2 and 7. In the Guinness Book of Records there is a case where the number 7 fell six times in a row. Let's look at the rules of this game in more detail.

Bets in This Game.

The online version has a random number generator. A program ensures that the numbers that appear in the game do not succumb to any fraudulent algorithm. Unlocking the secret of online roulette and cracking the random number generator is impossible. The game starts with the purchase of chips. After that the players, and there are usually no more than 8, make their bets. You can bet directly on a number, a color, and an even or odd number. The odds for each type of bet are different. The dealer is responsible for spinning the ball. The moment the ball falls on a certain sector or number, the dealer stops the game and starts paying out winnings. First, the biggest win is paid to the player who guessed one of the numbers. Usually the maximum winnings are 35 times more than the initial stake. In case of stakes of the same odds, the player can simply return the amount he bet or half of it.

About Inside Bets

To make such a bet, you must put chips on a single number or on specific places in the table to indicate a group of 2 to 6 numbers. The requirement for any inside bet is to match the table minimum. The casino allows several bets less than the table minimum, in case the total equals or exceeds the minimum. Game field for inside rates on numbers from 1 to 36 in the American, French and European versions are the same. Bets on these combinations will bring a win if at least one number from the combination, on which the player put chips, falls on the wheel.
● Split is a stake on 2 neighboring numbers. A chip is put on the line sharing the two figures.
● Street - on three numbers arranged in a row horizontally. The chip is placed on the line not bordering the outside betting sector, opposite the three numbers that have been selected.
● Corner is a stake on four consecutive numbers. The chip is placed at the intersection point of the selected four numbers.
● Sixline is for any 6 numbers of 2 adjacent horizontal rows. The chip is placed on a line that does not border the outside betting sector, on the corner between the six numbers that have been selected.
● The inside zero bets in European and American style will be slightly different due to the fact that the first roulette has two zeros, while the second has only one. Split with “00” is only in American. The chip is placed strictly on the line separating the two sectors.
● Split with a zero is an inside bet on two numbers, including the zero. The chip is placed on the line separating the zero and one of the numbers 1-2-3.
● Basket is a bet on 3 numbers including the zero. Chips on the field are placed at the intersection of two numbers and a zero, or two zeros and a number.
● First Four is a bet on Street 1-2-3 and a zero. This type of betting is only in French and European with one ”0”. A chip needs to be placed on the playing field as follows: at the intersection angle of sector zero, the number 3 and the line, which does not border with the sector outside bets.
● Top Line - on the two sectors with a zero and Street in American roulette. Chips are placed on the intersection angle of the sector with double zero, the number 3 and the line, not bordering the sector.

About Outside bets

Such types of stakes are accepted in the section that shows that bets are made on payouts 2 to 1. Each bet should not be less than the table minimum. After drawing and determining the winning bets, the dealer discards all looser chips. He then pays out all outside bets, leaving the chips (and payout) in place of the bet. Then it is time to pay out the winnings of the inside bets. The croupier moves the chips to the winning players. If you don't want your winning bet to play in the next round, you should pick up the chips. ● Column Bet. The column includes twelve numbers. A chip is placed on the field marked "2 to 1" and covers all numbers in that column (but not "0" and "00"!). Chances: 38:12 Payout: 2:1
● Dozen Bet. Chip is put on the field with the chosen dozen. The third dozen includes numbers from twenty-fifth to thirty-sixth. Odds: 38:12 Payout: 2:1
● Black or Red. The chip is laid on the " Black" or " Red" and covers, respectively, all the red or black numbers. “0” and “00” are colorless and if you roll a 0 or 00 you lose your bet. Odds: 38:18 Payout: 1:1
● Even or Odd. Similar to "Black and Red," only you bet on even or odd figures. Like the previous bets, Zero and Double Zero are not covered by this bet. Odds: 38:18 Payout: 1:1.
● Low or High. The playing field is divided into two groups: 19-36 and 1-18. Betting is made on the corresponding field. If you roll a 0 or 00 you lose your bet. Odds: 38:18 Payout: 1:1.

Announced Bets

If you want to participate in the game, you may verbally announce it and the dealer will place your chips in a special way. All numbers are distributed in three sectors: orphans and orphelins, tier du cylindre, voisins du zero.

● Voisins.
Bets are available for the following numbers: 32, 3, 18, 7, 25, 19, 2, 35, 4, 0, 12, 29, 21, 26, 28, 22, 15. The player gives the dealer a number of chips, a multiple of nine. The dealer puts them in the appropriate sector. If there are no images of sectors on the gaming table to place announced bets, the dealer positions the players' tokens in the following way: one chip Split bet for 2 numbers on each of the pairs: 4/7, 18/21, 12/15, 19/22, 32/35, two chips on the "street" 0-2-3 and two chips on the four numbers 25-29.
● Zero Spiel.
4 chips (or divisible by 4) cover the following figures: 15, 35, 0, 12, 3, 32. Bets can be made on neighboring numbers.
● Tier.
Six chips cover the digits: 33, 11, 16, 5, 8, 24, 13, 10, 27, 30, 23, 36. One chip for a pair: 33/36, 10/11, 23/24, 13/16, 27/30, 5/8. The winnings are: 17 + 1 - 6 = 12 units. So the effect is 12:6 or 2:1 - the same as for a dozen or column bet
● Orphans.
The player bets on the numbers: 31, 17, 14, 34, 1, 6, 20, 9. He gives the dealer five chips (a multiple of five), which are placed as follows: A one-number bet on 1 and a bet on pairs: 31/34, 17/ 20, 6/9, 14/17. And the number seventeen is covered by 2 different "splits" ( 17/20, 14/17).
● Neighbors.
This bet applies to a specific number and four numbers adjacent to it on the wheel: two on the right and two on the left. The bet is made with five chips (or a multiple of five). For example, if a player declares "eight and neighbors," it means that the player is betting on a roll of one of the five numbers. (8 in the center). With luck, the profit will be 35 + 1 - 5 = 31.
● Last number.
The player bets on all numbers that have the same last digit. For example, "Last 5" means betting on 5, 15, 25, 35.

2 to 1

This is a variant of betting on 2 neighboring numbers at the same time. There are 62 different ways to make a split bet. To play for two numbers, a chip is placed on the vertical line splitting the two figures on the table. Split bet gives two numbers that participate in the drawing the next time the wheel is rotated. A roll of either number means a win. If one of the numbers wins, the player receives a payout that is 17 times the bet amount. The ratio is 17.5 to 1 (in American 18 to 1).

European Roulette Rules

The story of the European version goes back to Germany in the middle of the XIX century. The wheel is separated into thirty-seven sectors: 36 numbered from 1 to 36 cells and a "zero" slot. The numbers themselves are arranged in a more random order than in American roulette.
The playing field is thirty-six cells arranged in three rows (twelve each) and numbered in ascending order. There is also a cell sector "zero" and places for external bets (covering the playing field of any classification: sector, dozen, color, even or odd), located on the side of the main cells. Visually, the playing field of the European version is quite like the American layout, the difference is the absence of the second zero.
In the European model there are ten kinds of bets, which differ in the ratio of invested and won money. The biggest winnings will be if the bet is made on one particular number - in this case the winnings will be 35 times the bet placed. There are bets that, if won, simply double the money invested - these are external types of bets. They are so called because the playing chips are placed not on the main cells, but on specially provided places. When betting on "red" the probability of winning increases up to 48%, but at the same time the possible winnings are reduced.

Terms of the North American version

The very first versions of American Roulette had 28 cells with numbers, 2 zeros and a cell called "eagle". Thanks to this arrangement, the advantage of the casino over the players was as much as 12.3%! The main difference is the number of "0" on the wheel. There are two "0".That increases the player's profit margin to 94.7%. In addition, in the American version, each player makes bets with chips of a different color, marked with the denomination of his choice. Such chips have a special pattern. In the European version the face value of each chip is equal to its value in a particular casino.

The classic game move

At the beginning of the game the croupier says the phrase: "Place your bets, gentlemen", after which you are allowed to place your chips on the playing field of the table. Each game table has max and min limits for each position. As a rule, the maximum bets are subject to the following progression: if the maximum bet on one number is $100, the maximum bet on two numbers will be twice as much and so on. The betting stops when the dealer says: "Bets are placed, no more bets". Roulette starts even before the end of betting. The ball is launched in the side opposite to the rotation of the wheel. After the ball hits the cell, the dealer declares the winning digit, while he fixes it on the playing field and collects all the losing bets in the casino income. Then there is a payment of winnings, starting with the riskiest (number, split, straight, square and so on) and ending with "odds" (color, even-odds, first 18, second 18). In American Roulette, the payout order is reversed.


Q: What is the difference between the European and American rules of roulette?
A: The American version differs from the European version in the smaller size of the game table, and most importantly: the presence of two "zero sectors", which are called "zero" and "double zero".
Q: How different are the online roulette betting rules for the French version?
A: Usually it's a variation of European roulette and it only has one "zero". En Prison is a special rule which means that if you get a "0" and you bet even\odd, black\red, those bets don't go out, but stay on the table until the next round. If you get a zero again, of course your bet is forfeited and you lose your money.
Q: Are there any different online roulette rules?
A: In general, the rules of roulette in many casinos are based on the classic rules. But sometimes there are exceptions, when new types of bets or additional requirements are added.
Q: How does roulette work?
A: The fundamental principle of virtual roulette is the same as that of traditional roulette. It is the issuing of RNG. This device in response to a specific request generates any number from the set range. And the process of generating the number does not depend on the time of day, or on previous results, or any other factors. In this regard, virtual roulette is better than the real one. After all, there are no factors of the crooked reel and the dealer's tricks.

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