24 June, 2021

Lightning Roulette Review May 2021

Maximum prize is 500x. Overall, the world record win in roulette is $150 million in a single night. The lucky winner of such a huge amount was a billionaire from Australia.

Roulette was invented by the world famous scientist Blaise Pascal during another attempt to construct a perpetual motion motor. Nowadays there is American roulette (38 sectors with a 0 and double zero, 00), French and European roulette (37 sectors with one 0). Generally roulette differs by the position of numbers on the wheel, the playing field, and possible bets. Also called the devil’s game because back in the early days of gambling, two brothers were constantly winning at the Monte Carlo casino. Rumor had it that they sold their souls to the devil in order to get rich. The second version has to do with the fact that if you add up all the numerical values on the roulette wheel, you get 666 – the devil’s number. Playing Lightning Roulette at DuxCasino you can replicate the experience of Hollywood star Sean Connery who won $30,000 overnight by betting on the number 17.

Lightning Roulette Specifications

From an aesthetic point of view, it is a live game with attention to the smallest details: the predominant colors are black and gold. The game suggests two forms of video play. The first one allows you to immerse yourself in the game, because the picture will occupy your entire screen. The second one is smaller, but will give you more details about the game. In general, if your Internet connection is good, you will get the best quality. But even if you have problems with your connection, the video settings can automatically change to minimize delays. You can also change these settings manually if you like. Lightning Roulette has a very high RTP – 97.30%. Roulette involves a wheel with 37 numbered cells (from 1 to 36 plus one 0), a ball, and a layout on which the player can bet on a single number or groups of numbers. The ball rotates around the wheel only to stop in one of the numbered slots, indicating the winning number. Lightning Roulette with a live dealer employs a Random Number Generator to identify lucky numbers and payouts. Thanks to this exciting addition to the game, you can win even more real money at DuxCasino.

The player is paid according to the payout table if the winning number is contained in the player’s bet. If the winning number is among the randomly selected “lucky numbers” and is covered by a direct bet, the player is paid a "lucky payout". You can place bets within the table’s maximum limit. The available bets are Low/High, Straight, Even/Odd, Square, 6 Lines, Tens, Columns, Red/Black and Split. The dealer will pull the lightning bolt to signify the closing of the bets. Shortly before the wheel stops spinning and the ball lands in one of the holes, the lightning bolt releases its charge and strikes up to 5 numbers – these are the lucky numbers for this round. Their multipliers are also randomly selected with potential values of 500x, 400x, 300x, 200x, 100x or 50x the bet. To get a chance to get a multiplier, you have to place a straight bet (one number bet) on at least one of the lucky numbers in the round. No other bet will provide a multiplier, just a straight bet. Just keep in mind that straight bets with no multiplier payout 29:1 instead of 35:1, which is the standard for most online roulette games.

How Does it Work?

Lightning Roulette has a numbered wheel, a ball and a playing field for betting. Because it is a live game, this version of roulette is served by a dealer with whom you can interact directly. Two Lightning Roulette rules come into play that are not present in the classic version: “Lucky Payouts” and “Lucky Numbers”. When the stakes come to an end, the RNG chooses one to five lucky numbers, and allows them many lucky payouts. This is an important detail that can provide guidance, especially for new players who are not yet very acquainted with this game. When the ball lands on a certain number, winnings are paid out according to the rules of classical French roulette, although if the number is one of those randomly selected from the lucky numbers, the relevant lucky payout gets activated.

Play Lightning Roulette on your Mobile Phone or Tablet

Lightning Roulette has a pleasant, intuitive interface that blends perfectly with the real image. The game allows you to control a lot of options: you can switch between broadcast types, change the volume of sounds and the dealer’s voice, adjust the video quality, view the history of rounds, etc. The great picture and user-friendly interface will give you the feeling of playing in an authentic casino. When it’s time to place bets, the “Place Bets” instruction will appear on the screen. If you don’t want to wait until the betting period is over, you can press the “Spin Now” button. If a large number of participants choose this option, the betting period will end early and the game will move on to the ball spin phase. Lightning Roulette can be played on any modern device. Of course, PCs have an advantage in the size of the display, and mobiles – the ability to play anywhere and anytime. However, the landscape orientation on smartphones will also give you a comfortable view. DuxCasino has taken care of this and offers you an iOS and Android app app.duxcasino.com.

Lightning Roulette Game at DuxCasino

Roulette is called the queen of gambling and this title surely belongs to it by right. Throughout the history of roulette’s existence a lot of tricks and fraudulent schemes have been invented, due to which it is supposed to be possible to be sure of winning. But this is not quite true. Once Albert Einstein was asked whether it was possible to calculate how to win consistently. To this, the scientist replied that you can be sure of winning only in one case – if you steal chips from the table secretly from the croupier or break the roulette wheel. Online roulette is no different from land based casinos, the only thing is that you don’t need to go anywhere and observe the dress code. Lightning Roulette with a live croupier online looks simply stunning. So if you like to play the most classic game or if you are looking for a new experience, then you should definitely come to DuxCasino! Different ways to make a deposit, fast payouts, high-quality customer support, nice bonus promotions – it’s all about us!

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