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AvatarUX Slots

This developer creates quality slot machines with exciting plots and high returns that are popular in the gambling world. The company began its existence in 2018. AvatarUX has released slots machines with the PopWins technique into the gambling entertainment market. Its basic essence is that in place of all the prize symbols appear two new ones. And thus the reel grid will expand to a max of 5x9. This feature can be said to have gained recognition in the society of gamblers and today is the most popular in the gambling industry. And all thanks to the fact that the key advantage of such slots is a high level of volatility and good potential. The firm is mainly focused on the development of releases on Asian themes, aimed at the European markets.

Avatar UX is a young games studio that specializes in creating innovative, unique and engaging Asian-inspired games for thriving, growing European markets. The games feature stunning three-dimensional graphics that go hand in hand with modern gamification tools. The studio's staff consists of passionate online game workers who actively explore the market.The company shows that there are many more goals to be achieved in the fruit and classic slots genre. Players are always close to this style with solid statistics and unusual mechanics. If you're wondering if new games will come out with PopWins - the company's answer is an unequivocal yes! They are convinced that in gambling, a brand should have a signature chip that is familiar to players, so PopWins mechanics will definitely be part of the DNA and will be a regular feature of Avatar UX slots.

Overview of AvatarUX Slots

The PopWins feature is a "head checker" for other software developers. It's a truly unique bonus concept that really gives players something extraordinary. This bonus chip makes the winning combination symbols burst, adding even more symbols, thus increasing the winning potential. PopWins also increases play time, which also has some value. The company is fundamentally focused on creating games with classic bonuses. AvatarUX research has shown that players still like non-stressful slots. The last thing players want is to get lost in the slot chips. The company fears that they might lose confidence in the game and the brand if things are too confusing, especially in this digital age where people are overloaded with information. Leaving aside PopWins, which is easy enough to understand, the other bonus features are reduced to the basics - this means that AvatarUX games will almost always have bonuses such as multipliers, free spins, expanding reels and other classic video slot chips.

Popular Games Made by AvatarUX

Of all the AvatarUX slots that you can play here, we want to single out the most beloved game. This is a CherryPop fruit-themed slot with PopWins mechanics. It is the third from the developer AvatarUX. The third version takes us back to the origins of gambling in the classic fruit style. Get ready for lots of old-school symbols on the playing field, which can noticeably expand to accommodate free spins and huge potential. At first, it may look like a regular, albeit bright, classic fruit slot. But the features ensure that this is no ordinary fruit game. A bright pink frame frames the slot, which has 5 reels and 3 rows by default, but can expand upward when additional features are enabled. Behind the grid we see a background in purple-blue and pink tones. The final touch is the soundtrack, discreet 80's electronics that create a pleasant atmosphere. Free Spins increase the bets by introducing a progressive multiplier of winnings, starting with x2. There are over 50 thousand ways to win in an expanded 9-row grid - double that number when you consider paying both ways. Finally, there is another new feature: the ability to buy a bonus. You can deposit an amount of 75 times your bet and get the bonus. Your impression of CherryPop depends on your attitude toward the mechanics of PopWins. The lull in the main game can be quite tedious. Nevertheless, the potential for long sequences is impressive. Expanding the reels is as exciting as ever, and the inclusion of a two-way pay system only adds to the fun. If you manage to run CherryPop, winnings of 56,386 times your bet are possible. The BountyPop slot is already the fourth in the PopWins series of games. This video slot is executed in the pirate spirit and has a maximum winning of up to 55,000x. Theoretically, a high roller betting €20 could win €1,100,000 - but even a player with €0.20 can pull in €11,000 with luck. The machine's RTP is 96%, and PopWins extends the betting potential. Pop winks tiki pop will not disappoint you either with its colorfulness and generous prizes. Are you ready to try these slots?

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