4 June, 2021

Crazy Time Game Review June 2021

On July 1, 2020, the well-known online gaming software provider Evolution Gaming presented its new device, Crazy Time game, which is essentially a live game.

Even the experienced gamblers will be surprised with its many multipliers and huge payouts up to x500 from a bet on the wheel’s spin. And taking into account the lucrative DuxCasino deposit bonuses, you will get a definite win. So, read the Crazy Time game review to the end and make your bets to get the top prize!

Crazy Time Free To Play

The Crazy Time demo version is not available as this device belongs to live dealer games. You can make bets only with real money or use deposit offers. Demo versions of online slots serve to get acquainted with the features of their gameplay and rules. The Dream Catcher concept already presupposes simple gameplay. Evolution Gaming paid much attention to simple gameplay when creating the Crazy Time game. Therefore, it is easy to get used to. When the dealer announces the opportunity to place bets, click on the selected number. The dealer also informs the players about the termination of bets. You can choose to switch to two broadcast modes. In classic studio video, it takes up most of the screen. To get more information about the process, you can switch to the mode with many information fields. When the reel stops, the winning number appears in close-up. In general, shooting is done from several different angles to allow players to see everything happening in the studio.

How Does it Work?

It took the company’s specialists about a year to work on the project. Before the full launch, they carried out open testing. It showed that players are very interested in this format, which combines several advanced technologies at once. It reflects the Dream Catcher concept and has a giant wheel as its fundamental playable device. However, there is a small video slot above this wheel, bringing great prizes to the players. So, the classic Wheel of Fortune, popular in land-based and online gambling halls, inspired Evolution Gaming to develop the new item — Crazy Time casino game. It is this that is the main part of the gameplay. The game takes place in a studio with special equipment, where there are no tables and other attributes of a live casino. Professional dealers dressed in the appropriate style host the game. She accepts bets and spins the wheel. The main wheel consists of 54 sectors with numbers (1, 2, 5, and 10) and access to the bonus game. Above it, there is a slot with symbols, which starts after the end of accepting bets. Depending on the value that drops on the screen, a multiplier is applied to the random sector (number or bonus) on the wheel. Note: this multiplier and the sector should coincide. If they do not match, there will be no bonus multiplier in the game. Features of Crazy Time game:
● unique circus style;
● the game is based on the Wheel of Fortune;
● several mini-games with higher volatility;
● stable and functions available for customizing the interface.

In the center of the colorful and vibrant circus-themed space, there is a large wheel. It is similar to the Wheel of Fortune, with the game’s logo in the central part. Crazy Time is a perfect mix of virtual and real worlds. Some interface elements are customizable to make real-time betting and online gambling more convenient. You can also change the resolution for a more stable Crazy Time game. It will be beneficial for those who do not have access to high-speed Internet or play Crazy Time game with a portable gadget. The main feature of Crazy Time is the integration of several advanced technologies into one game, including random number generator multipliers, augmented reality, video slots, and video game elements.

Crazy Time Jackpot & Bonus Special Features

The game does not have any additional jackpot prizes. However, four bonus features will bring players no fewer payoffs. With their help, you can get the maximum rate of multiplication and the biggest prize. Let’s analyze each in more detail:

1. Cash Hunt is a hunt for money, an exciting prize option. The wheel contains two cells with a Cash Hunt bonus. After activation, the dealer goes to a special place with an interactive screen. The player needs to choose one of 108 targets with a random win multiplier;

2. Pachinko — in this bonus round, you can win up to x10,000 per bet. On the main wheel, there are two cells with the Pachinko prize. After activation, the dealer also goes to a special place. A wall with stakes and 16 cells will appear in front of you. One cell will fall out randomly, where the ball will go, which determines the win;

3. Coin Flip — drops out most often and has little power. There are four marks on the wheel with this prize. After activation, the dealer will go to the table, where there is a coin with two colors. Red and blue — each of them has its level of multiplication rate. The Heads and Tails principle is at the heart of this round;

4. Crazy Time is a real Grail that falls once every five years. One cell on the wheel and the maximum multiplication x20,000 per bet. When activated, the dealer will go to a separate room, where you need to choose one of three colors. An impressive wheel is spinning with a bunch of multiplications and doublings.

Remember, bonus features at Crazy Time Casino can give out more if an additional multiplier function occurs at the beginning of the betting.

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Play Crazy Time on your Mobile Phone or Tablet

This new product from Evolution Gaming offers players the highest quality HD images. Of course, you can always choose a lower resolution if you have problems with your Internet connection. Among the cutting-edge technologies used by Evolution is HTML5, the platform that makes all of the company’s games, including Crazy Time, available on mobile devices. The DuxCasino specialists have done everything so that you can enjoy this exciting and colorful game from your mobile devices (iOS or Android). In addition, you can download a mobile casino app following the OS requirements of your gadget (iOS/Android). This game works perfectly on screens of any size, and when playing from a smartphone or tablet, you can use all the same options as on a PC.

Crazy Time Game at DuxCasino

Crazy Time has become Evolution Gaming’s most expensive project and combines not just all the advanced developments but several games at once. The company’s chief product officer commented that Evolution Gaming’s goal was to create a game that people would watch like a popular TV show. So, the Crazy Time game is steadily gaining momentum, although it appeared only a year ago. Many people launch it not only to try their luck and make a few bets. They adore dynamics and unusual gameplay. Crazy Time is currently only available with English-speaking hosts. However, Evolution Gaming is constantly improving its products, and variants with other languages may appear soon. Do you want to feel like a part of a spectacular show, test your intuition and compete for prizes of the highest value? — Then Crazy Time game is exactly what you were looking for!

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