23 June, 2022

Can You Make Money Playing Online Roulette?

Everyone wants to know a smart strategy for beating roulette, but it’s easier said than done. It’s the most classy and devilish casino game ever, which pays off pretty nice to winners and can wipe out losers.

How do Online Casino Slot Machines Work

It’s easy to play and count, but the outcome is always unknown. Make sure to know that there are many much easier ways to earn money than playing online roulette and gambling should never be considered as a way to earn money. But it's a fantastic game for hanging out, so today, we will tell you the rules of this most royal game.

You can accelerate this process and start to play immediately. Still, we recommend reading the manual thoroughly because this knowledge can help you if you visit a casino resort or online casinos. Let’s get started to understand can you really make money playing online roulette?

How Do Roulette Casino Betting Systems Work

While the following information is interesting, remember that this calculation is based on theory only and isn't financial advice. Keep in mind that every game of roulette and ball rolling is unique.
So roulette allows players to play randomly or use one of the betting systems.


One of the most well-known and easy methods is the Martingale syste,. The point is to double after every loss; therefore, the first win will recover all losses. Sounds nice, doessn’t it? But be careful because this system isn’t ideal and can cause bankruptcy. Also there are often limits of betting on a table, ultimately ruining this system There is an excellent article about Martingale on Wikipedia, and you can see the mathematical analysis behind it.


Although it is widely used in the game of roulette, this strategy was not first developed for the game. It is a mathematical theory in which the player starts with one and adds up the previous two numbers to get the next number in the series. Here's a look at the Fibonacci series:

1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89 and so on.

In this number series, the first two numbers are 1; to get the 3rd number, the two numbers must be added together. The process is repeated when someone wants to continue the sequence. For your betting sequence, you are not expected to start with 1. You can start with any number as long as the next number sequence follows the same theory.

Here is a simple example of when you want to use this strategy. If you bet on the outcome and lose, you simply place a bet equal to the last two bets you made to make up your losses. But if you win the round, you must return to your original bet.


The strategy is based on the principle that losses and wins always come in streaks. This means there will be times when the casino table is hot, which generously hands out winnings, and sometimes winnings will be rare or cold.

In the Paroli strategy, you simply bet more money when the table is on an active streak and limit your bets when it's cold. This is one of the most straightforward betting systems for playing roulette, which requires you to invest in alternative betting options such as odd/even and red/black. To start, you first need to determine the base bet you want to play with.

Let's say, for example, that you choose 1 unit bet as your base bet. If you play that bet and lose, the next bet should double the original bet (2 betting units). If you win again in the next game, the Paroli system prompts you to double your bet again (4 betting units).

In the above example, how would you determine it's time to stop and return to the base bet, even if you're still winning? If you've successfully doubled your bet twice, now is the time to stop and return to 1 unit bet. Of course, the Paroli system is very flexible, and you can always increase your bets even if you have doubled your bet more than twice.


The essence of this system is to increase bets by 1 when you lose and to decrease bets by 1 when you win. So it is necessary to act until the winning and positive balance. It is often used when betting on equal odds (red/black, small/large, even/odd). The disadvantage of the system is that in order to win back and win more, you need a whole series of wins, but by the theory of probability (it is based on this theory and occurs in the game of roulette), this series may not be. Then the player is guaranteed to lose.

Also, it is not very easy to endure. If a series of losses suddenly begins, many players give up and stop sticking to the strategy, afraid of losing even more. Interestingly, Dalembert denied the law of equilibrium, which is the basis of his system. That is, the author of this system proved that winning would not necessarily alternate with losing with regular accuracy.

When using the D’Alembert system, a player does not risk a significant part of the bank, as bets are small and increase steadily by one unit.


It was created in the casinos of London by a journalist who was a huge fan of roulette. If this is your first time playing roulette, we advise you to avoid this system.

Before using the system, you must first write down how much money you want to win. The next step is to divide that amount into smaller numbers. For example, if you plan to win $10, divide it into a sequence like 1-1-1-2-2-2-1. You can divide the entire amount however you want. Your first bet would be a combination of the first and last numbers in the sequence, in this case $2.

If you win, cross out the numbers you just used in the sequence. This should leave you with 1-1-2-2-2. Repeat the process for the next step. If you follow this sequence, your next bet will be $3. If you manage to win, cross out the numbers you just used and continue to follow the sequence and process until all the numbers are crossed out.

At this point, you have won the amount you want and can either walk out of the casino happy or start a new sequence. If you lose, you add the money you bet to the end of the sequence. For example, if you lost your first bet, which was $2, you add $2 to the end of the list and do not cross out the numbers.

Nevertheless, by following the sequence of numbers and sticking to the steps in the process, you cross off all the numbers on the list until you are left with one. Bet that amount, and you'll get closer to your goal of winning the money you have in mind.

It’s hard to say what system works because otherwise, everyone would be millionaires, so don’t take it as financial advice.

Straight Betting With Low Odds and High Odds

Straight betting is a bet on a line of 3 numbers by placing a chip at the end of that line. Winning 11:1. The odds are 7.90% in the American version and 8.10% in European Roulette like French roulette. So if you want good odds, it’s probably better to play the European version, and you can expect a little more.


There are many tips for playing roulette, but the real game will always be unpredictable. But some tips are important, like never go all-in, and sometimes it’s better to leave the table before it is too late. Your mental state is crucial, so avoid playing when stressed out because negative emotions will likely ruin your result. And of course, play only for your own money. One casino streamer once said that the safest way to play roulette is not to play at all, so keep that in mind. Roulette is not about free cash. Place smaller bets, remember that there is no guaranteed way to win, and never play with more than you are willing to lose.

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