05 July, 2022

Baccarat Terms

What’s up, gamblers! We pay a lot of attention to baccarat because with its simplicity, this game allows you to have a great deal of fun, and also, it has decent chances of winning for the player. Today we’ll discuss baccarat terms.


Banker Bet - a betting option, assuming that the banker will win.
Baccarat en Banque - one of the game options.
Best Baccarat Bet - a banker bet that gives forty-five percent of the win.
Banco is the word a player pronounces when he wants to use all his money for a bet. In addition, the same term is used by the bank.
Bankroll is the amount of money contributed by the player.


Coup - one of the rounds of the game.
Croupier is another name for the dealer.
Chemin-de-fer is the name of a version of baccarat that comes from France.
Cheval is one of the game rules in certain versions of the game. A player can play two hands, but to be a winner, both must be winning.
Commission is a part of the money that the gambling establishment takes. As a rule, this amount equals five percent of the won funds.


Down Card - the position of the playing card marked down.
Dealer - an employee of the gambling establishment, which accepts bets from the players and gives them their winnings. In addition, this person is responsible for the cards. In baccarat, he is sometimes called a croupier.


Face Cards - the cards denoting the jack, queen, and king in a playing deck of fifty-two pieces.


High Roller - the participant in the game who stands out with the highest stakes.
House Edge - an indicator of a gambling establishment's advantage over its customers.


Le Grande - the French interpretation of "the big". The most successful layout during a game of baccarat.


Mini-baccarat - when a small playing field is used for the game.
Muck - cards that are taken out of the game. They are always near the dealer.


Natural - a layout in which the first two cards are used to get a total of eight or nine points.


Palette - a special stick used by the dealer to move cards across the playing field.
Punto Banco is another version of the game of baccarat.
Punto is a baccarat player.
Petite - from the French translates as "small". This word refers to a combination of eight points.
Player Bet - when a participant bets on the player's victory in a given game.


Railroad - the second name of the baccarat variety "Chemin de Fer".


Shoe - a special box in which the dealer keeps the game decks. During the game round, he periodically takes the correct number of cards from there.
Shuffle Up - shuffling the playing cards by the dealer.
Shooter - this word sometimes refers to the bank.
Standoff - a scenario in which the player and the dealer have equal points. This definition has another name: "tie".
Super Pan Nine is a type of baccarat.
Streak is a string of consecutive losses and wins.


Tie Bet - when a bet is made that both the player and the dealer will have an equal number of points.


VIP - a particularly important player in the casino, an analog of High Roller.


Upcard - the position of a playing card with the card marking upwards.

Now you’re well-familiar with Baccarat terms, and you can call yourself an experienced player. We wish you good luck in the game and see you next time in our blog, where we consider gambling from various angles. Cheers!

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