08 December, 2022

When to Double Down in Blackjack?

When playing online blackjack, the most important thing is to build a basic strategy that will give you a good chance of winning. In this article, we'll tell you what doubling down means and when to double down in blackjack. You'll be able to apply this knowledge to different blackjack variations in various online casinos.

What Does Double Down Mean in Blackjack

When doubling down, you increase the amount of your original bet by two times. This trick can be used in many blackjack variants and in most popular casinos. You have a right to do so only in the middle of a hand.

If you win, the casino will pay you twice the initial amount of your bet. If the opponent outperforms you, you'll lose the same amount (that is, twice as much as what you originally put at stake).

After doubling down, you can simply hit only one card or do nothing. You won't be able to receive two new cards. It's either hitting twice or doubling down, but not both at the same time! This limitation boosts your risk level. If you get lower totals after receiving one card, you won't be able to fix the situation.

Newer players too often feel timid about using this strategy. Their experienced and adventure-loving colleagues confess they frequently have a good time thanks to it. Doubling down is a great way of maximizing your winnings — but only if you thoroughly calculate your odds. Train more often, don't forget about using basic precautions — and you'll hardly find a better way of enjoying this table game to the max!

Now, let's answer the question "How to signal double down in blackjack?". It's one of the simplest and easily recognizable hand signals. The dealer must notice it immediately. Push a stack of chips next to your initial bet. That stack should have the same value as that bet.

Alternatively, you may inform the dealer verbally that you'd like to double down. Point one finger — and after that, you will receive an additional card.

When To Double Down

Players should consider doubling down in three situations:
● The total value of your initial two cards is 11
● You have hard 9 or 10
● You have soft 16, 17 or 18

If the first two cards that were dealt to you are worth 11 in total, it's the right time for doubling down. Moreover, it's the most popular situation for applying this blackjack strategy. If you draw one additional card, you'll get close to 21 but won't exceed this limit.

The term "hard totals" means that you don't have an ace on your hands. If the dealer shows a lower card, it would be a good move to double down. You'll have good odds of winning with a hard nine (but not a soft 9!).

"Soft hands" are situations when one of your cards is ace. When you have soft totals of 16,17 or 18 on your hands, you must stand as you are. It doesn't make sense to draw additional cards because you'll be likely to get 22 or more. If the live dealer shows a lower card, you might be able to win.

When Not To Double Down?

Now, let's speak about when not to double down in blackjack.

Experienced players never double with the hardest hands that exceed 11. Otherwise, their risk of going bust would increase.

Besides, you should never resort to this strategy when the dealer shows an ace. It's one of the strongest hands that gives them a greater chance of winning. If you double down, you'll have too high odds of losing money.

Blackjack Double Down Tips and Tricks

As its name suggests, doubling down allows you to increase the sum of your bet twice. You shouldn't add extra chips to the stack that you push to your initial bet. If you add chips, the dealer might classify it as a nefarious action.

Double down might be not compatible with splitting. Here is what splitting means: Players should consider doubling down in three situations:
1. Get two cards of the same value
2. Separate them into two hands
3. Get two new cards to match the initial ones

You don't need to be always splitting when you get two identical cards, it's optional. If you keep the two identical cards that the dealer gave you, you can double down.

Always check, calculate and make sure before announcing your intention of doubling down!


Can you double down after splitting?

Most online gambling platforms prohibit doubling down after splitting. However, different live casinos have different rules and some of them might allow you to do so.

Can you split and double down?

The answer depends on the rules variations of casinos that offer blackjack tables. Some of them allow their clients to do so while others don't.

Can you double down after hitting?

Most live blackjack casino games let you choose from two options: just hitting or just doubling down. Otherwise, players would be taking advantage over the platform unfairly and win too much money. The gambling business would become unsustainable. After players double down, they're only allowed to hit once again — but not get insurance or opt for splitting pairs.

Should you always double down on 11?

Yes, you should always double down with 11. By doing so, you get a good opportunity to win more real money.

Should you double down on 10?

The answer depends on the cards that the dealer is having. If they have 10 or an ace, they might want to draw one extra card. That will give them good odds of approaching 21 — and you'll be likely to lose. It would be a good option to double down if the dealer has 6 or less.

Can you double down on 21 in blackjack?

No, gambling sites don't allow that. Otherwise, casinos would be losing too much money. If you have 21, inform the dealer about that. They will transfer the prize to you and you won't be able to do anything else with your cards.

How many cards do you get when you double down in blackjack?

You'll be entitled to only receiving one card. Or, you can stay with your two initial cards. You must hit once or do nothing! Such an approach boosts the adrenaline level and increases your risk. If you get a lower card, you won't be able to fix the situation. You can only hope that your opponent has an even weaker hand.


Hopefully, this was an informative read and now you have a comprehensive answer to the question "What does double down mean in blackjack?". By using this strategy, you double the amount of your initial bet in the middle of the hand. After you do it, you can only get one additional card. You won't be allowed to draw two cards. It makes sense to double when the total value of your initial two cards is 11, you have hard 9 or 10 or you have soft 16,17 or 18. You'd better avoid this technique if your hard hand exceeds 11 or the dealer shows an ace. Typically, doubling down is not compatible with splitting and you can't resort to it when you have 21. Maybe, this information will enable you to perform much better when playing live blackjack next time!

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