26 August, 2021

Table Casino Games August 2021

Before online casinos launched random number generators, there were chance games like cards, dice, thimbles, dominoes. The gambling industry has developed hugely in recent years, but table casino games still have got a cool vibe.

Today we’ll take a journey from its roots in China to across the world. One of the biggest events in the casino table games industry is the WSOP, but you can play at DuxCasino with a live dealer whenever you want from any device with total security and anonymity. So let’s dive into the ancient world of table games and see what we can find.

Popular Table Games in 2021

Table games world is pretty diverse. It includes board games and some of them became classics such as Monopoly, Cashflow, 7 wonders and many more. Surprisingly, today there are games such a Fortnite which is also a social service like Facebook or Roblox where you can create a game in a game, or even VR masterpieces Half-Life: Alyx, but many people still prefer to play casino table games online.

Cards were invented in the 9th century in China during the 10th dynasty. Before being printed on paper or plastic the Chinese used woodblock printing or leaves. Cards made their way across the world in the following centuries. With goods like silk, tea, spices, ceramics they traveled across North Africa to Southern Europe where the four suits originated.

The first casino ever opened in the world was Ridotto in Venice. That marvelous city used to be both a place of joy and a financial center like New York today. Surprisingly, even though Venice was a town of trading and merchants, festive events like carnivals were going on for months. And that’s exactly why the Italian mask was created, because when you’re clubbing as we say today for months, you might get tired of greeting the same people and also because the mask helped to disguise identity and give absolute freedom to make any sins.

With tons of money in the city, pretty girls, and endless partying, Venice gave birth to the word casino which means from Italian as a small house. Locals of Venice were playing recklessly and the government closed the first casino, but the idea went through the ocean with the first settlers to colonies. Up until the American revolution in the 18th century, the major gambling activities in the USA were horse racing and state run-lotteries, but cards were highly popular in small venues such as saloons and poker battlefields were extremely intriguing. Online casino table games are a continuation of this history.

Dice (or craps) are less popular than cards but have got committed followers from rich high-rollers to street gangs in the USA. If you throw a lot of dice into the box it will look like some kind of Steven Hopkins theory. Cube isn’t the only type of dice, there are also tetrahedrons, octahedrons, dodecahedrons, icosahedrons, and even pentagonal trapezohedrons. Dice might even be curved. Unlike cards, dice could be found anywhere in the ancient world.

It’s documented that at one period soldiers in the Roman Empire were prohibited to play dice. There are many paintings and pictures of playing dice. Some games include dice items like backgammon and Monopoly, but there are many games including only dice and bets. It’s well-known that among all table games at casino dice gives the purest odds. Even though there is no plot to the game, the atmosphere around the game is always explosive. In the old days in New Orleans, people were screaming and stomping around popular dice tables unlike at other games.

Dice games have different variations, at first it might look complicated, but still with good odds. Many software providers make live dealers dice games and you can enjoy them at DuxCasino. Have fun!

Blackjack is also known as 21. Unlike poker, every player competes against the dealer and it makes this game pretty friendly, but it’s still intriguing and some big names in the gambling history like Archie Karas have spent loads of nights on the blaсkjack table. He once raised his bankroll to $40,000,000.

Popular casino table games bring us together. But some of them have got a tricky reputation like the shell game, or thimbles! You can play them online if you don’t want to be scammed on the streets like it was common from medieval to modern times anywhere in the big cities of Europe such as Stockholm, Berlin, or Paris. It was a quite popular game for traveling fairs and people were seduced into winning real money, but in fact, it always involved a trick from the dealer. It’s just about completely impossible to track the ball and the profit of illegal shell games is huge. One of the toughest guys from the Russian mafia, Silvester, started his criminal career as an inventor of a shell game scam on the streets of Moscow. It was his first step to an organized crime network. So avoid playing on the streets and instead play live casino table games with fair odds. Online casinos are now supervised by gambling authorities, so any scams are completely excluded.

If you like to watch a spinning wheel then roulette is also available for minimum bets or the highest stakes. The mathematics of roulette has been discussed since the game’s inception. There are so many approaches to the game, one of the most popular is the Romanovsky strategy, but you can choose a huge diversion of bets. Roulette has got a devilish reputation because so many people were addicted and because the sum of all numbers is 666. Roulette is considered to be a game of the upper class and one of the most popular games in the world. Today you can play online without any dress code. Just choose the variation of roulette at DuxCasino, set your number, and wait for a result. There are two variations of roulette: American and European. The USA type has got 00 and 0, while the European just 0, because it was redesigned in 1862 and dropped the house edge to 2.7%.

Online table games casino are a place for any kind of entertainment and even though some games seem outdated, they can reward you with the highest payout.

The risk of table games is very exciting, but there are also free casino table games. One of the most ancient games among non-gambling ones is dominoes which also has got its roots in ancient China, but it was widespread all around the world and became highly popular in countries like France, UK, Germany, and so on. It’s a great way to calm down.

Play Best Slots at DuxCasino

But in Las Vegas or elsewhere in the world slot machines outnumber table games. We cooperate with the best game developers in the industry and can provide you high-quality slots with the most recent updates. It’s all available in real time. There is much less manual work than in online casino table games. Just trigger the spin and watch what happens. The most popular slots at DuxCasino are:
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The most exciting feature is an instant deposit and withdrawal. It’s crucial for us to treat our players with lucrative giveaways. Sign up to be informed about promotions. If you're a beginner, you aren’t alone and there is a support team to help you out. But it’s impossible to say what slot gives a better chance, because everything is absolutely random.

You can choose your slot game from a huge collection and online gambling allows players to feel the atmosphere of a real casino. At first glance it’s pretty simple, it’s not like Fortnite or PUBG, but still it’s cool. Play carefully with online casino table games or slots, we act accordingly to laws and provide responsible gambling. If you have got any thoughts, we're around.

Our blog aims to give you tutorials and FAQ about the most recent slots. The total number of slots at DuxCasino is more than 5500+. You can try for free any slot at DuxCasino, but for the real experience, deposit now and take a chance!

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